About Unity Church

Unity Church, also known as Unity Advent Christian Church, was established in Four Oaks, NC in 1969. We are affiliated with the Advent Christian denomination, which belongs to the National Association of Evangelicals and is headquartered in Charlotte. The Scriptures teach Jesus came once to deal with sin, and He will appear a second time — that is, advent again — to save those eagerly waiting for Him (Hebrews 9:28). Jesus, as Lord and Christ, is the basis of our faith…and He is coming soon!

Unity is a multi-generational church, with folks from all walks of life. Some have grown up in the church. Others are new to the faith. But the Lord has woven our lives together for mutual equipping, edification, and worship through our fellowship in the Lord Jesus Christ.

(We are in no way affiliated the Unitarian cult or follow universalist teaching. We believe Jesus is fully God and fully man, the sacrifice given as the only way for redemption, forgiveness of sins, and life in community with the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, and the Church forever and ever.  See what our pastor preaches and teaches here)


About Pastor Jason Hudson

“I grew up in the Nazarene church, went to a mostly Baptist high school, attended college at Moody Bible Institute (a dispensational, Calvinist college in Chicago), pastor within the Advent Christian denomination, have a lot of Reformed training, and married a Lutheran. So in essence, I’m a mutt. Ha! But, I’m a mutt who loves Jesus, loves His Word, and I just want to trust Him, listen to Him, follow Him, walk with Him, love Him, preach Him, introduce others to Him, and see Him bust through the skies one day soon.” – Jason

Jason, his wife, Katie, and their three children moved from Seattle to Four Oaks in 2014. In addition to pastoring at Unity Church, Pastor Jason does graphic design and websites for JOCO Websites, drinks way too much coffee, and has been known to dabble in handiwork around the house.

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